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         It has been our family’s privilege to be a part of the Our Small World family for the last three years. As a Fairfax County teacher and parent of two, I have high expectations for the people in my children’s life. Not only has the staff at Our Small World met my expectations; it has greatly exceeded them. When my husband and I went looking for preschools, we wanted a place our children would be safe and develop a love for learning that would set them up for success the rest of their lives. After many interviews, visits, and recommendations we chose the absolute perfect school for our children. The Our Small World  family—and I do mean family—has given our daughter, now heading to Kindergarten, a foundation of mindfulness, honesty, accountability, and determination that will make the social transition to school seamless. Not to mention the reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills that will give her a leg up in her academics. My daughter has just turned five and she can already read simple books independently. The teachers start working with the kids from the age of two on reading and math and by the time kids reach the preschool class, they start doing more challenging work. Since she was two, my daughter’s worksheets and activities were always above grade level and I was always impressed with the work they do (I know because I am a teacher!). Just last week, my daughter’s class flew the butterflies they watched grow since they were caterpillars; you should see the joy on those youngsters faces. 

          I couldn't have asked for a better place to send my daughter every day! Our Small World has far exceeded all my expectations in a preschool environment, and I feel great knowing the kids are receiving the social, emotional, and academic backbone necessary for their future!! It is a privilege to be part of the Our Small World family, and I thank all the teachers for doing such an exceptional job of creating the environment that every parent expects and wants for their children. I can’t wait for my little one to start going there in the fall. I know she will be in great hands!


- Assaf Family                                                                                                             



          We have been part of the Our Small World family for over six years, and I use the word family deliberately because our experience with Rima, Leslie and the rest of the teachers has been more than simply a daycare experience.  My son and daughter truly love going to "school," come home excited to share what they have learned, and my husband and I know that they are loved and cared for at the highest capacity.  From the holiday parties to the additional activities offered, Our Small World has given Jackson and Eloise the tools they need to succeed in elementary school and even beyond.  I would and do recommend OSW to any family that needs a caring, loving, challenging and enriching daycare.  We are sad to leave - but kindergarten calls!

- Smith Family



          Our family relocated to the Mclean area a little over 2 years ago. As a military family we move every few years and with 2 small children finding childcare that meets our needs and that they feel comfortable in is always at the top of our list. We looked at several childcare facilities and ultimately decided on Our Small World. We couldn't be happier with our decision. The scholastic programming is fantastic. My youngest child already knows her letters, how to write her name, how to count and is learning French. Every day she comes home excited about something else she learned. I know that when she begins kindergarten she will be more than prepared. My oldest child goes to the afterschool program at Our Small World and loves it. The teachers are amazing. They are able to help him with his homework and keep him engaged while he is there. And not only that, all of the teachers there make our children feel like family. They know their favorite colors and what they like to eat. They ask questions and care about their feelings. Our children truly love Our Small World, the teachers and the friends that they have made there, and being able to leave your children with confidence every day knowing that they are going to be safe and happy is the best feeling in the world. I would highly recommend Our Small World to anyone looking for childcare.


- Danielle Hopper 

          Our son has been going to Our Small World for two years and we couldn't be happier.  He wakes up every morning excited to see his friends and teachers.  His teachers do a wonderful job of constantly focusing his attention on new learning experiences and activities every day.  His friends come from all walks of life, which enhances his development.  The various electives throughout the year, like french class, soccer lessons, science, arts & crafts, and animal planet all aid his development and excitement.  We're so glad he has been able to attend Our Small World.

- Rossalyn & Alan Smith


          We have been really pleased with the care and instruction that our daughter has received in her last 1 1/2 years at Our Small World.  A family owned school, it has provided her with not only a warm , caring environment, but a robust curriculum that uses both traditional lessons as well as hands-on experiences to teach at age appropriate levels.  The teachers cultivate genuine bonds with the students and the students, in turn, with each other.  It has been a rewarding experience to watch our daughter thrive under the care of the family at Our Small World.  


- Courtney Cecere                                                                                                 



          Our son loves the students and teachers at Our Small World.  He is excited every day to go to school and the play-centric learning keeps him emgaged and interested.  We are amazed at how quickly he learned numbers and letters and marvel at the variety of activities he is exposed to, including soccer clinics, music and dance, and French lessons.  The summer programs are especially creative and educational.  As parents, we appreciate the diversity of the school.  Miss Rima and her staff treat our son as one of their own and we really value the small family atmosphere.

- Jennie Guttery


          Our Small World is so much more than an early years academic setting.  It's always been a warm, welcoming second home to our daughter.  We're so grateful to Rima and her team of amazing teachers for providing Stephanie with the best care and education possible.  She will be well prepared for kindergarten.

- Victoria Mechlin



          As full-time working parents, leaving our kids in someone else's care every morning is one of the hardest things we have had to do. As new parents, we had no experience with daycare's. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and close to home and work. We found what we were looking for and more with Our Small world!


          Our daughter and son both are being cared for by people that truly care about them and want to see her succeed in life. We know they are in the hands of caring professionals who cherish them (almost as much as we do) We love to hear daily about the things that they do and are experiencing and learning. We appreciate that the teachers are actually teaching and not just "watching" them.

The teachers, have been fantastic about keeping us up-to-date on the highlights of our kid’s days, sharing their funny moments and their latest achievements. And the best part is that we don't always have to wait till the end of the day. They send us photos when they know it's a moment we wouldn't want to miss. Like the first time my daughter played the drums in music class. Their varied variety of extracurricular activities throughout the year is incredible. 

Our small world truly cares about their (our) kids. My kids who at one-point didn't want to go to school, now cry when they don’t have to go on the weekend. I think there is not greater testimony of how great they are.  And while my daughter start kindergarten this year my son will continue to go and grow there until it’s his turn.

          We can’t thank Our Small World enough for this wonderful experience!

- Puri Family

          Our Small World is the perfect blend of a home daycare and preschool.  The kids are taught everything they need to know to have a successful transition to kindergarten, but with the added bonus of a loving family environment.  The classes are small enough that each child's needs are known and addressed, and the staff are incredibly experienced, caring and nurturing.  Our Small World understands kids and helps them learn the skills that will make them prepared for school when the time comes.  They help with potty training, social interaction, learning the alphabet, numbers, fine and gross motor skills and more.  There is plenty of outdoor play time, as well as nap time and learning time.  My daughter attended from age 2 through 5, progressing through all the levels at OSW.  We could not have been happier with our experience there, and we still feel like part of the OSW family.

- Sacha Carey

          Our Small World became our family's village when our two children were at preschool there. Their staff are not just instructors, but they are a loving family to us. Not only did they prepare our children academically for elementary school, they most importantly reinforced essential lifelong values of respect, kindness, & friendship, by their care & example. Our children made friends from many cultures & backgrounds at Our Small World, with friendships lasting to this day. We are grateful for Our Small World & continue to highly recommend Our Small World to family & friends with young children. It's Our Small World, after all!

- Matthew & Alethea Tan

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