Our Small World Children's Center has been family owned and operated since 1995.  Our goal is to provide the best in early childhood education that will in turn instill a lifelong passion for learning.  We aim to help children become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners. Encouraging children to ask their own questions, they become their own problem solvers.  A child's ability to surprise themselves with what they are able to accomplish on their own never ceases to amaze us.  

        Our Small World Children’s Center is committed to providing the best quality care and age-appropriate developmental experiences for each child. Our curriculum helps to nurture the mental and social growth of each child.  Incorporating reading, science, math, music, and dramatic play, children are given the opportunity to explore and learn through hands on experiences.  We encourage open and continuous communication between parents and staff, and possess a shared commitment to the well being of every child.

        We aim to promote self respect and respect towards others.  Acceptance and appreciation of the diversity in our community is of great importance to us, and a lesson we hope they will carry with them when they are out in the world.  


Now enrolling ages 2 & up  

 For children 2 years & under, please contact Janet @ McLean Children's Center
(703) 675-6969